From Ethnoscapes to Screenscapes
17-19 October 2018
NTNU, Trondheim
SANT8004 PhD Course in Ethnographic Method

Course Contact:
Associate Professor Arthur Mason

Arthur Mason, NTNU and Marcel LaFlamme, Rice U;
with Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov, HSE; Vidar Hepsø, NTNU;
Stefan Leins, U Zurich; Christian Ritter, NTNU.

Departmental Contacts:
Professor Carla Dahl-Jørgensen

Departmental Advisor Geir Tevd



This course brings together PhD candidates from Nordic and other institutions across Europe for three days of intensive lectures and discussion on different aspects of the ethnographic research cycle.

We plan to highlight the articulation of theoretical problems and ethnographic data in anthropological research and cover linkages from fieldwork strategies to preparation of final text. The course will examine genres of representation that pay attention to questions of knowledge, evidence, ethics, and experience, across the transition from ethnos/anthropos to cybercultures and digital worlds.

Participants will submit a draft of proposed research to be pre-circulated prior to the workshop. Participants will also be given opportunity to present their proposals.

Two concerns driving the course: First, introducing key issues in politics and epistemology of ethnography as approaches to data gathering characterized by embodied involvement in fields of study. We will consider social relations in the field, craft of writing, and multiple audiences of ethnography while paying attention to what makes ICT’s (Information and Communication Technologies) anthropologically relevant. Second, providing a hands-on introduction to practical tasks, we will cover operationality of proposal/research plans and study designs.


Evaluation: Submission of essay is required. Essay must fall within one of the categories: a) Critical appraisal of course literature; b) Application of course content to participant’s own research. Essay should not exceed 8,000 words (incl. bibliography/notes). Deadline: November 23. Course equivalent: 10 ECTS.

Registration: Send email to kontakt@sosant.ntnu.nostating institutional affiliation by September 20, 2018. Participants should be enrolled in a doctoral programme or equivalent to participate.


Course Schedule Hand-Out

Wednesday 17 – Friday 19, October 2018, NTNU, Trondheim
SANT8004 PhD Course in Ethnographic Method
From Ethnoscapes to Screenscapes
Social anthropology – doctorate (Ph.D.)


Deadline for submission of essay: November 23rd